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hey~~~small questionabout nokia 6230i
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Автор:  noto [ 03 апр 2007 20:26 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  hey~~~small questionabout nokia 6230i

hey,guys.i come from china.im using operamini modded by DG-SC and im lovin it.but it have a small question with my n6230i:i cant copy/paste it!when i marked the text and copy it,there wouldnt be "paste"in options.i have no ideas!!its a bug or kind of something?
do anybody know that?if so, please tell me.thanks in advance....

sorry for my poor english because i dont know the russian :?

Автор:  DG-SC [ 03 апр 2007 20:50 ]
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move the cursor to begin of selecting text, press "mark" button (on left softkey(LS). after this on LS will appear "copy" button), move the cursor to end of selecting text, press "copy" (after this on LS will appear "paste" button). if range between begin and end of marked text = 0, then "paste" button is will not appear.
sorry for my poor english, because i dont know the china :P

Автор:  noto [ 04 апр 2007 02:18 ]
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I have tried this way, but it doesn't work. I dont know what happened to my phone. Is there any 6230i user having this problem? Thanks for your reply, dg-sc!

Автор:  wapgam [ 04 апр 2007 03:39 ]
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у человека проблеммы с копированием ("вставить" нет). на nokia 6230i у всех работает?

Автор:  wapgam [ 04 апр 2007 03:49 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: hey~~~small questionabout nokia 6230i

noto писал(а):
...i'm using operamini modded by DG-SC

what number of mod? 1.25 or 2.02 or 2.03test?

Автор:  noto [ 04 апр 2007 06:45 ]
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All versions... i test it since opm1.25,but the result is same. My 6230i firmware is v3.7. thanks for your reply.

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