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Opera Mini Mod 4.2x for BlackBerry 8830
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Автор:  lfm705 [ 10 сен 2013 16:14 ]
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DG-SC, The OPM4xx now is very perfect, but i must give the advice for "Key Reflect Plan" to you.

and this "xls" file is very detailed about it. (use OPM's mkey to test the key codes)

for creative~~
:arnold: :beer:

please delete the .zip and rename it to "xls" to open it.

Reflect T9 keys with QWERTY plan_DG-SC.xls.zip [19 КБ]
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Автор:  lfm705 [ 15 окт 2013 15:53 ]
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DG-SC, How can you convert the java Operamini Mod to Blackberry *.cod file successfully?

i use some tools, it failed , at last i use cmd "rapc" to convert it, it throws out this error "cod too large"

if the jar is small than 200kb, it worked, but if it large with 300kb and more, it doesn't work.

So, can you tell me how to deal with this? i need your help, if you can give me a tutorial, it's very kind of you~ many tks. :oops: %)

Автор:  DG-SC [ 15 окт 2013 17:19 ]
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in this error type (xxx.cod .... too large...) you need to decrease the size (to change algoritm or move some methods to another class) of that class what "rapc" converted to xxx.cod.
what name has that class I don't know. I had such error too. I tryed decrease size for all big classes till error disappear

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